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Tranquil Oasis also brings wellness and rejuvenation to the workplace, convention center or private party event.

Chair massage counters the stress and circulatory problems inherent with office work and provides an appreciated break for your employees.  Sitting in a massage chair opens up the back muscles, relieves strain on the neck and provides a gentle respite for eyes usually glued to a pc.  

Just 15 minutes of massage on the neck, back, shoulders, arms and hands can increase circulation, return energy levels and help keep the body injury free.  We also specialize in Thumb Recovery 101 (aka Crackberry or Blackberry Fingers) which helps your employees in relieving overuse injuries and discomfort of the wrist and hand.  

Create a more productive and calmer office environment by introducing chair massage on a regular basis to your hardworking employees.

Starting in September 2010, all new health care plans must pay for preventive care, including physicals and other wellness programs. This extra care may mean extra costs for small-business owners.

Fortunately, the government has set aside $200 million in grant money over five years to help small employers provide programs like smoking cessation, nutrition, physical fitness and stress management1.

Chair massage is also a great way to increase foot traffic and provide a unique, relaxing experience for your attendees at your next trade show, convention, conference, corporate health and wellness fair or office party.

Contact us for more information. 

1. - Courtesy of the New York Times.  All rights reserved.


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